Keratin Treatments

For many curly, wavy and kinky haired girls, keratin treatments seem like a blessing. This hair straightening and smoothing process is thought to keep the hair straight without frizz or fly-away for a long period of time.

For many curly girls wanting to go straight, this means less time styling and less worry about our end result. However, the process has come under some harsh medical scrutiny. So, the question is, do the pros outweigh the cons? What are Keratin Treatments?

And how do they do it?


When receiving a keratin treatment, the hair is first shampooed with a clarifier. The hair is then blow dried so that all moisture is removed. Next, solution is applied with a brush and then combed throughout the hair.

The hair is then wrapped into a plastic cap, and is allowed to set for approximately 20 minutes. After this time period passes, the hair is blow dried once more and then flat ironed. The oils of the treatment will set into the hair within a few hours – so static strands are normal at this time. The hair must be kept straight, as the stylist has it, for 72 hours.

No hair accessories may be used in the hair as it may disturb the process. Do not allow the hair to get wet while in the shower.


Keratin treatment $ 150 to $350